SeceuroGlide Doors

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Made To Measure

A perfect fit means no compromise on weather protection, insulation or security

CE Marked

Investing in a CE marked product means you are purchasing a product that is fully compliant with all European directives

Remote Options

A wide choice of remote options, including  wireless system that allows you to control your garage door from a smart phone or tablet.

Finishes To Suit Your Home

All doors in the range have a variety of finishes to ensure they become a real asset when the door is fitted

7 Year Warranty

Using only the finest components to produce each SeceuroGlide door means a complete peace-of-mind warranty


SeceuroGlide Roller Doors

The stunning range of SeceuroGlide roller garage doors transforms the appearance of your home whilst providing effortless protection and smooth operation.

Developed and manufactured in the UK, SeceuroGlide garage doors have been designed to meet the demands and expectations of the modern family. With a focus on style, convenience, and high quality, SeceuroGlide addresses the need for excellent security and improved insulation, balanced with an attractive appearance and simple operation.

The SeceuroGlide Excel has also been awarded the prestigious Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification status. Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of 'designing out crime' by use of effective crime prevention and security standards for a wide range of products and applications. Research has indicated that Secured by Design usage can reduce burglary and car crime by 50% and criminal damage by 25%. The unique reinforced design of SeceuroGlide Excel has enabled it to become the first garage door of any kind to successfully complete independent testing recognised on a national level. A typical garage contains many high value items, including tools that can be used to gain access to the remainder of your property. If proven protection for your car and home is a priority, there is no better choice. SeceuroGlide Excel roller doors are available in a choice of eighteen paint or wood-effect finishes and over forty textured woodgrain finishes . Each door is supplied as standard with a SeceuroSense receiver with built in courtesy light, your choice of two key fobs an optical safety edge and an internal manual override. Made in the UK by Lancashire's skilled craftsmen. Supply Only from £1350. Supply and Fitting from £1650
Manufactured from tough twin-walled aluminium slats with an insulating core, the roller door curtain is held in place with high performance webbing that gives extremely quiet operation and is rarely affected by temperature extremes. A strong extruded top slat and our unique locking mechanism also effectively resists attack from would-be intruders. SeceuroGlide Original roller shutter doors are available in a choice of 18 paint or wood-effect finishes and over 40 textured woodgrain finishes, allowing you to match your door to existing paintwork or double-glazing for a coordinated look to your home. Since its launch in 1997, the SeceuroGlide Original roller door has been made in the UK. Each high-quality automatic door is supplied with a single channel SeceuroSense receiver with built-in courtesy light, two key fob transmitters, a bottom slat safety sensor and an internal manual override. An optional alarm can also be specified. The SeceuroGlide is also available as a manual roller garage door. Supply Only from £1250. Supply and Fitting from £1550
Our Compact roller garage doors utilise an insulated aluminium slat that is significantly narrower than those featured on the SeceuroGlide. This allows a tighter, smaller coil requiring just 8” (205mm) of headroom, giving owners of even the smallest garages the option of a high quality remote controlled door. Extremely versatile, a SeceuroGlide Compact door can be fitted in-front of or behind the garage opening, or even (height permitting) within the garage opening itself. An extensive range of sizes also means openings of up to 2880mm wide can be accommodated, whilst a neat 90° facia conceals the coil back. There is also a 45° canopy option to completely enclose the coil. Owners can now enjoy the luxury of a remote controlled garage door with SeceuroGlide Compact’s smaller slat profile. Just 8” (205mm) of headroom is required. Compact doors are available in ten paint finishes and a choice of over forty woodgrain finishes that combine low maintenance with durability. Each garage door is supplied as standard with a SeceuroSense receiver with built in courtesy light, your choice of two key fobs an optical safety edge and an internal manual override. Supply Only from £1330. Supply and Fitting from £1630
Developed to the same high standards and build quality as the rest of the roller SeceuroGlide range, the SeceuroGlide Manual roller shutter offers the ideal solution for applications where electricity is not required or available. This manual garage door is easily opened or closed from inside or outside the garage using handles located in the middle or bottom of the curtain. Since its inception in 1997, the SeceuroGlide manual roller is made in the UK. The vertical opening means you can make maximum use of your drive and garage space – parking safely just inches from the garage door. A choice of fifteen low maintenance colours are available, helping you to match your door to existing paintwork. Supply Only from £910. Supply and Fitting from £1210
The entry level SeceuroGlide LT has been created as the perfect solution for those wanting to invest in the look and feel of our original SeceuroGlide Classic Roller Garage Doors but without a need for all of the built-in noise reduction features and high security benefits offered by the standard SeceuroGlide product. Combining space saving vertical operation with the benefits of an insulated profile and the convenience of electrical operation the SeceuroGlide LT provides a made to measure garage door solution to give lasting value to your property. Supply Only from £1080. Supply and Fitting from £1380



SeceuroGlide Sectional Doors

The SeceuroGlide Sectional door is sure to enhance the thermal insulation, security of your property, as well as create a stylish kerb-side appeal to your home.

With a variety of designs and finishes available, you are sure to find the right Sectional door for you. The Sectional design makes the most of the space both inside and outside of the garage. Because the door opens vertically, you can park right up to the door. Headroom can sometimes be an issue but with our 60 mm rear-mount option, our door will fit into almost any garage.


The Elite sectional garage doors from SeceuroGlide come with a range of unique design features to ensure you have a smooth reliable door for many years to come. Introducing our unique track connecting system, a patented running mechanism unique to our door. This feature not only gives a smooth operation but increases the strength of the whole operation of your door. Factory-fitted, partially-tensioned springs and cables ensure that the door is perfectly balanced for ease of use, with reliable operation for both manual or remote control automated doors. Elite doors can be used to maximum widths of 3250 mm. The door can be fitted into 100 mm of headroom or 130 mm for electrical operations. The double weather-seal fitted to all of the SeceuroGlide Sectional doors gives you both an external seal against the weather but also an internal seal design to help form a thermal break on the door panel itself. Unlike any other products from other manufacturers, every one of SeceuroGlide Sectional’s doors is unique; made-to-measure to the mm ensuring a perfect fit. Take time choosing your door and our experts will guide you through the process from start to finish. A fully trained local installer will visit your home to discuss your requirements then measure and install your door. By carefully listening to your needs we will find the garage door to perfectly suit your home. SeceuroGlide Sectional’s standard specification is remote controlled electric operation for maximum convenience and ease of use. Your own personal security code and additional options for lighting or operation of blinds, awnings, shutters or gates in your home, make this a unique automation system. SeceuroGlide sectional doors are powered with a choice of motors, including the Black Edition which comes complete with a 5 year warranty.
Low on headroom? Compact is the answer We offer the rear-mount torsion springing system, which is perfect for fitting our sectional garage door into low headroom garages. With this design of door, only 90mm of headroom is required, including the motor. Our low headroom Sectional door comes with all the standard design features but allows you to install the door in garages with limited space. Please ask your installer about our unique track connecting system, giving your door a strong and smooth operation. Note: SeceuroGlide Compact is not available for manual operation. Our manual roller garage door, SeceuroGlide Sectional Elite, or SeceuroGlide Sectional Plus may be more suitable if you don't have access to electricity.
Whether you’re replacing an existing double garage door or looking to knock two separate garages into one, the SeceuroGlide Sectional Plus offers all the advantages of our standard sectional door but up to widths of 5 metres. The Plus has all the same running gear and tracks, but uses a front-mount torsion springing system to lift the door safely. The reinforcing bracket on the track system gives you peace of mind when operating a door of this size. Made to measure as standard and available in a range of panel designs to suit your home, giving you the flexibility to design the perfect garage door for you. Requiring just 160 mm of headroom, the Sectional Plus will leave you with a excellent clearance and drive-through height.


SeceuroGlide Vertico Doors

The Vertico side sliding garage door offers a unique and stylish solution for any garage design, making the most of your garage space and creating a design feature for your home.

Vertico is made from aluminium foam filled slats which link together to ensure exceptionally smooth operation and insulation. This makes the Vertico an ideal choice for heated garages and workshops. The vertical design offers partial opening ensuring minimal heat-loss and provides a convenient solution for pedestrian or bicycle access.

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Perfect for confined spaces The neat design only requires a very small amount of headroom. The SeceuroGlide Vertico Garage Door is fitted with a motor, radio remote control and obstacle detection device offering the ultimate in convenience and safetyA space saving solution When space is tight, you need an automatic garage door that doesn’t require masses of headroom or acres of space for overhead motors. With the SeceuroGlide Vertico you won’t need either – requiring only 50 mm headroom and 130 mm at the corner, the Vertico garage door is one of the most compact on the market.
There are a number of unique benefits a horizontally opening garage door has over the more traditional, vertically operated garage doors: Partial opening provides a convenient solution for bicycle access Quick and easy pedestrian access Half-way opening on double garages allows just one car to exit Available up to 5620 mm wide
A colourful choice The side sliding door, Vertico, is available in 14 stylish colours as standard, is made to measure and is installed by trained garage door specialists. Vertico offers you a stylish and bespoke solution of the highest quality, perfectly made to suit your home.