Important Fire Door Update From Door Stop International

21/05/2019 Off By Eugene Gornak

In November 2018, we resumed production and sale of our composite, timber core, FD30 fire doors based on full test reports from Cambridge Fire Research, an independent, UKAS-accredited test facility, which demonstrated that our opaque and glazed composite fire doors passed bi-directional testing with results that significantly exceeded the thirty minute rating. That testing in both directions complemented our existing Certifire certification based on test evidence and assessment of these products and our processes.

Just before Christmas, the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government made amendments to Approved Document B in relation to the use of assessment in lieu of tests for products and materials which can affect fire spread. Certifire has been in discussion with the Ministry about the application of these amendments to fire doors.

On 4 February 2019, Certifire issued advice to all members of their certification scheme, including DSI, that their certification will only support the manufacture of composite fire doors if the designs are exactly the same as the supporting test evidence. That means that no variations to the specification of the door which was tested will be included in the certification. That applies to size, shape, design, specification and hardware and effectively prevents the use of assessments which have historically been widely used in the certification process for the industry.

While we have questions as to rationale for the Ministry’s actions and Certifire’s response given that our doors contain timber cores, as a precaution, we have today temporarily withdrawn all of our composite fire doors from sale until we can obtain the test evidence necessary to comply with Certifire's guidance. We have confidence in our products and will provide further updates as we obtain additional information.