Spitfire S-500 Signature Series

Aluminium Entrance Doors

The Exceptional World Of Spitfire Doors

Spitfire's Signature Series of iconic aluminium front doors are works of art. We liken the blueprint of these doors to a modern Rolls Royce because they are hand-made exclusively for you, crafted to your exact bespoke design. We invite you to bring your own unique entrance door vision to life, with a Spitfire Signature series door.

We believe Sp[ifire's ‘Signature series’ is the finest collection of residential entrance doors in Europe. You are free to combine striking colour combinations with stunning handles and why not add hand-set Swarovski crystals to the door or to the glass. The total quality approach of our designers and factory team towards cutting-edge material selection and manufacturing perfection, combine to set these doors apart from any other residential entrance door in the world. Spitfire's Signature Series Aluminium front doors are astonishingly well-made and will last lifetimes, performing brilliantly even in challenging climates.

Bespoke Spitfire Signature Series doors are only enjoyed by elite clients and they adorn properties owned by the most discerning people in Europe.


These beautiful designer entrance doors seamlessly combine outstanding aesthetic appeal with state-of-the-art engineering.




French S-500





Features of Spitfire S-500


Biometric Entry Systems


Spitfire test  locking and access control systems before and after launch, placing the greatest emphasis on security, ease of use and reliability. The majority of customers order their Signature Series front door with Spitfire's easy to programme and use fingerprint opening system. This secure system can be connected to most home automation systems. Biometric systems are secure, flexible and totally reliable and are programmed via a mobile phone, using a new Smart App. The App allows you to be in control of who enters your front door, even when you are away. These current systems also detect any changes to registered fingerprints and adapt to ensure that fingerprints can be read in both hot or cold weather. These biometric systems mean that you won’t have to fumble for keys, or have to leave a warm bed to let the kids in, after their late night antics.


Iconic Design

As you would expect, we allow you to dream and guarantee to bring your vision to life. Passionate team will build you a stunning door, crafted to match your unique design. We encourage you to express yourself because your door should be a reflection of your personality.Spitfire can accommodate the wishes of people who want to be bold and daring, or of clients who want to be totally discreet.

You can select from a vast range of colours or specify a special finish unique to Spitfire Doors. Maybe choose a subtle glitter effect in your paint or combine one of over 20 wood effects within your design. Dual or multi-colour finishes are straightforward for us to incorporate, as are unique glass designs or even Swarovski crystals.

Whichever finish you choose, it will last forever as  paint is baked-on, in powder coating plant, which guarantees colour stability, weather resistance and ultra-low maintenance. We really can make your entrance door dream, a reality.





Over 400 customisable designs

Huge choice of internal and external handles

RAL colours, Textures, Wood Effects, Wave,
Grooved, Carbon-Fibre, Sparkle Paint, Corten,
Glass, Concrete and many other luxury effects

Marine grade external finishes as standard

Huge doors possible – up to 1250mm x 2700mm

Triple glazed laminated glazing

PAS 24 & RC3 as standard

Double door and arched doors

95mm thick door sash

U Value to 0.6 W/m²K

Low threshold

Industry leading fingerprint technology

Satin glass with clear lines

Clear glass with satin lines

Swarovski® Crystals on door sash or glass

Steel numerals or letters

Decorative Steel inserts

Full-length mirror recessed into internal door face



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